About Isla Navarino

Isla Navarino is an island located in the Beagle Channel and belongs to the Chilean part of Tierra del Fuego. The island was a center of the indigenous Yagan culture and is of great archaeological significance. There is also enormous geological and bio diversity. In 2002 Isla Navarino and the surrounding area was identified to be one of the 24 last true wilderness eco-regions of the world and in 2005 it was declared a biosphere reserve by Unesco.
As far as tourism goes, Isla Navarino is still in the earliest stages of development. Most visitors are hikers that come to hike the most southern hike in the world; the Dientes Circuit, or sailors that are embarking on the mythical and daunting rounding of Cape Horn. The streets of the small town of Puerto Williams are filled with a true adventurous spirit. Undistracted by development, travelers get to share and experience the isolation that the people of Tierra del Fuego have been braving for many many centuries. The presence and history of indigenous Yaghan culture is palpable, and the experiences of early explorers easily imagined.

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