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This blog is managed by Dragón de la Patagonia. We are Jacqueline Straubhaar and Raquel London and we run a local adventure company based in Puerto Natales. We offer hiking, kayaking, soft adventure and multi-day trekking tours and yoga & hiking retreats in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

We decided to start this blog, because we couldn’t find any good sources of information on Isla Navarino. On the one hand, we use this blog to communicate about the guided hikes we organize to Isla Navarino, and on the other hand, we hope to encourage independent travelers to visit this amazing place by making basic information and contacts available to the public.


6 responses to “About Us

  1. Hi there! A question. Is it possible to hike from Pt Eugenia to Puerto Toro? If so, how are the trail conditions – and how long is the hike? Lastly, is it possible to mountain bike this route? We are in Usuaia right now, with our mountain bikes. Thanks!

  2. Hi Cass!

    Mmmh, thats a tricky question. Puerto Toro is only reachable by boat so there are no roads going there. I very much doubt if there is a hiking trail, since there are no established hikes, and the locals use boats to get there. I would recommend to just cross to Puerto Williams, ask around and see if you can arrange a lift on a fishing vessel (and back! you don’t wan to get stuck there…). Thats the only way I can see to organise your trip on short notice.
    I can’t really imagine a way you would get there by bike, but I’m not a biker, so maybe I’ve missed some vital info there. I do know that you don’t stand to lose much by crossing to Puerto Williams. If you can’t make this trip you suggest, there are plenty of other beautiful places to discover. There is a road all along the coast. Please keep in mind, whatever hike/bike trip you undertake, is to go register at the “Carabineros”; then they will know if you are missing to come look for you! The wilderness on Isla Navarino is really wilderness. Good luck and have fun! Do let me know if you have any other questions.


  3. Hi, just saw a program about Christina, the last survivorv of the local tribal group. On the southern tip of Chile. She demonstrated the making of a basket. Inam a weaver and teacher of weaving. I would like to purchase one of her baskets and a sample of the material. Can you put me in contact with either the museum or someone who can assist me? Vicki

  4. Hello,

    I plan to do the Dientes de Navarino trekking from the 16th of Nov to the 20th of Nov 2015. I would like to know:
    -if the conditions are good at this period of the year for hiking in the island? (snow…)
    -Does the trekking last 3, 4 or 5 days?
    -Is it possible to do it alone?



    • Hi Guillaume,

      Thanks for posting your questions!
      There is always a possibility of snow, and since November is not quite summer yet, there is a good chance that the snow from winter has not melted off yet. However, as with the weather in the whole of Patagonia; you never know and you should be prepared for the worst, even if you are going in February.
      We offer the hike as follows on our website, so even if you decide to go by yourself, you can use this to have an idea for a sensible itinerary: http://www.dragondelapatagonia.com/trip/hiking-tours/dientes-de-navarino-trip
      Unless you are a very experienced and strong hiker, with plenty of experience in difficult conditions (bad weather, cold, no help available, rough terrain, at times difficult orientation), and a thorough knowledge of what you are up against, I would not recommend going alone. If you are completely confident in your skills and are willing to accept the inherent risk that comes along with going into the wilderness alone and without a chance to call for help, then I would strongly recommend to announce yourself at the “Carabineros” in Puerto Williams before you go and also after you get back. This is standard practice and that way, there is a record of you and people will notice if you are not back within a reasonable amount of days. I know you must think I’m biased, and I probably am, but its a tough hike that should not be underestimated. Its also a beautiful hike, so I hope you get the chance to complete it somehow.

      Take care and have fun!

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