By Boat from Ushuaia to Puerto Williams

From the port of Ushuaia you cross the Beagle channel to Puerto Navarino. The distance of the crossing is 4 nautical miles (7.2 kms) and takes about 30 mins. Then its another 52 kms along the coast from Puerto Navarino to Puerto Williams by land. The total trip from Ushuaia to Puerto Williams takes about 2 hrs depending on the weather conditions.

Crossing Ushuaia - Puerto Williams

Crossing Ushuaia – Puerto Williams

From Ushuaia to Puerto Williams: Monday to Saturday 09:00 AM from the “Muelle Turistico” in Ushuaia.
From Puerto Williams to Ushuaia: Monday to Saturday 08:45 AM at “Turismo Shila” in the center of Puerto Williams.  Reservations are taken untill 17:00 of the day before departure.

The crossings are subject to weather conditions and the company may decide to reprogram the trip to ensure your safety. You will be crossing the international border between Argentina and Chile, so you must have you passport with you. Also be aware that all animal and plant products must be declared upon entering Chile.  Click here for more information on which products are allowed.

Cost (season 2014-15):

Monday – Friday, USD 115,- per person + port tax of AR$ 45,-
Saturdays and holidays, USD 135,- per person + port tax of AR$ 45,-

Ages 3-11
40% discount (not on port tax)

Ages < 3

This includes both sea and land transport between Ushuaia and Puerto Williams.

Per person one backpack and one small piece of hand luggage is allowed.

Turismo Shila (located at O´Higgins street and Prat street intersection, Puerto Williams)
(0056) (0) 278972005


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