Flying from Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams

From Punta Arenas you can fly to Puerto Williams in about 1,5 hrs. The planes are small Twin Otters which makes the flight truly spectacular and a worthwhile experience in itself. You fly over the Strait of Magellan and then the Darwin Range where you can see innumerable mountains and glaciers, many of them unnamed. Flying so low over such high mountains gives you a unique perspective on the wilderness below. Finally you reach the Beagle Channel and fly over Ushuaia before landing at Puerto Williams.

Mapa Vuelo PUQ - PWL

Monday to Saturday

Pta. Arenas – Pto. Williams Departure: 10:00

Pto. Williams – Pta. Arenas Departure: 11:30

If there is high demand sometimes extra flights will be scheduled.

Price on December 2013: Approximately USD 150,- each way




3 responses to “Flying from Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams

  1. We are a Swiss couple – 2 peesons-. We reservedthe boat trip Punra Arenas -Puerto Williams on December 18 arriving in Puerto Williams on Saturday 20.We don’have a hotel there but might stay 2 or 3 days in Puerto Williams for trekking, maybe flying to Cap Horn and mainly back to Punta Arenas on December 22 or 23.
    Please make detailed offers, if possible including hotel. Thanks. Markus Luthi.

  2. I read that on DAP flights the luggage is limited to 10 Kg/person. I it possible to have more luggage? how much would it cost? Thanks a lot for your help. I really love this page. Great job!!!

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